Our Story

SUPerior Paddle Boarding is built upon one simple principle – our love of Lake Superior. You will not find another lake like it. Our goal at SUPerior Paddle Boarding is to provide you with an unforgettable North Shore experience.

We are a small, locally-owned business providing paddle board rentals, delivery, and adventures. Living here on the shores of Gitchi Gumee has been a real blessing and we want to share our knowledge of the area with you so that you will have a truly unique paddle board experience. We want you to create life-long memories along the North Shore so that you will come to respect and protect it the way we do.

The waters of Lake Superior are clear, clean, and cool. There is no better way to enjoy the “Big Lake” than standing up on a paddle board, peering down into the crystal clear water in search of a big Lake Trout, or looking up at the towering cliffs rising hundreds of feet out of the water. Imagine paddling on water like glass, coming around an ancient outcropping of rock to find a secluded, sun-baked cove – the perfect place for a picnic and swim. With our intimate knowledge of the area, we can give you the experience you want.

Some people are intimidated by the “Big Lake”, but you shouldn’t be. If you follow basic water safety, the worst thing that will happen is a refreshing dunk in clean, rejuvenating water. However, if you would rather not venture out onto the big water, we can point you to some peaceful inland lakes and rivers that will make for an equally good time. Or maybe you would prefer whitewater or some big surf? We can do that too! Let us help build an itinerary for your trip that will give you the “True North” experience.

Our pick-up location is steps away from the McQuade Safe Harbor, 10 minutes up the shore from Duluth. The Safe Harbor is the perfect place for beginners to get their feet wet in calm water as well as a great place to start a beautiful paddle.

Give us a call or email us and let us get you out on the water. We want you to experience our love of paddling so much that we will deliver the boards to you. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with paddle boarding and the North Shore!