Q: Will I fall in?
A: You might. Maybe.  The beauty of SUP is that it is a sport for all levels of experience. Those with a strong core and steady balance will find the sport a breeze. However, anyone and everyone can stand up paddle. The key is to be cautious and listen to your body and your board. If you are worried about falling in, we will give you detailed instruction for beginners to maximize your stability. We are also happy to set you up in a wetsuit, or to deliver the boards to warmer waters at Park Point, Boulder Lake, or other inland lakes in the area.

Q: Do you offer SUP yoga?
A: We do! We have partnered with JEM Yoga and will be offering SUP Yoga events! These events will be located at Island Lake. Check out our calendar or JEM Yoga’s website for more information!

Q: Which board is right for me?
A: If you are looking for an extreme paddle, we can direct you to gushing river rapids. If you have a need for speed, we can set you up with a board built to cut through the water. If you are an experienced hiker, we can set you up with an inflatable SUP. Inflatable boards are ideal for hiking in to a paddle destination. If you simply want to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the North Shore, we can set you up on a nice stable board.

Q: Tell me more about inflatable SUP? I am intrigued, but I mean, inflatable? Does it look like an inflatable pool toy?
A: We are obsessed with inflatable SUP. The boards look and ride just like a hard board, with several key advantages. First, the board is easy to transport. If you are worried about attaching a board to the roof of your car, this might be right for you. You simply throw it in the backseat or the trunk and you are on your way. Second, these boards are easy to transport into more remote locations, such as the shores near Palisade Head and Split Rock. You throw the 30 lb backpack on, and you just hike wherever your heart desires. This allows for some really spectacular views in more isolated locations. These boards are great for hike in camping as well.

Q: But tell the truth, is it like, super hard to inflate and deflate the inflatable boards?
A: Nope. It’s easy. We promise. Trust me, I have limited patience, and even I don’t mind the 5-10 minutes it takes to inflate and deflate these bad boys.

Q: Is Lake Superior too rough for SUP?
A: Like all bodies of water, Lake Superior has many temperaments. However, most days she is paddle worthy. The best time of day to enjoy the solemnity and solitude of her clear, cool waters and breathtaking horizon are in the wee hours after sunrise and during the “magical hours” before sunset.
But sometimes you might be all, “I just want to SUP!” and she’ll be all, “too bad! Today is for surfing!”

Q: I want to take rad pics to post to the internet, can you help?
A: We get it! We have go pros for you to take out, as well as dry bags if you wish to bring your phone or camera along for the ride. Just be sure to tag us and to use our favorite hashtags:

Q: Do you offer any classes or guided paddles?
A: We offer the tons of fun and unique classes, events, and guided adventures.  More info available on our calendar, or upon request.

We are also willing to create an experience specially tailored to your needs. For example, you want to bring your bachelorette party or wedding party out for a little SUP action? We can accommodate with a special “heart opening” yoga practice prior to your paddle.