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We are so pumped to collaborate with to share some awesome Instagram interviews with the top folks in the SUP industry. Check out #stand_up_paddle to read the first interview with @slatertrout, one of the top paddlers in America, world traveler, and a pro behind the camera.

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Q&A with Slater Trout (@slatertrout) Bio: At age 20, Slater Trout represented Team USA for the 2015 World Championships and already has a laundry list of SUP awards that is way too long to list here. It helps that he started competing against adults in major competitions when he was only 11. He is now a legend in the SUP community and a professional photographer. Check out his accomplishments and photos at Q: Hey Slater, what draws you to photography? A:The thrill of bringing the photo you've had in your mind for so long to life. Q: Your photos let us feel like we are traveling around the world with you. What life-lessons have you learned from your travels. A: Traveling has taught me more than any classroom ever has. My goal is to learn as much from traveling as I can while I'm still young. Q: You were recently in Iceland as part of the #NorthernWatersProject. What is your most vivid memory from that trip. A: I will be announcing something really exciting involving the #NorthernWatersProject very soon. My best memory from the trip was stand up paddling under a frozen waterfall. It was a surreal moment in my life. Q: What achievement, on the water or off, are you most proud of? A: Making my parents proud of who I have become. That is my greatest achievement. Q: Slater is a name that seems to be synonymous with “cool”. Who do you think would win in a fight: Kelly Slater (pro surfer) or A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell? A: Ha, I'm gonna have to go with Kelly on this one. Sponsors: @sperry, @lifeproof, @boardworkssurfsup, @infinity_surf, @officialmauijim, @freestyle_watch, @fcs_surf

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