New Owner Introduction

Hey everyone! The wait is over! My name is Ericka Day and I am filled with gratitude and excitement to introduce myself as the new owner of SUPerior Paddle!

First, I want to thank Amanda and Drew for their amazing five years and for starting this wonderful company! They have created lasting memories for thousands of paddlers and none of this would have been possible without them. I am looking forward to continuing to grow what they have built.

A little about myself; I am originally from Iowa but Duluth stole my heart two years ago, and I haven’t looked back since! You can normally find me out hiking, biking, camping, sipping’ on craft beer, enjoying the simple things in life, and of course paddle boarding!

I believe nature has the power to take us out of our daily hustle and bustle, melt away our worries and fill our lives with adventure. When I first came to Duluth, I fell in love with the beauty that surrounds us and I am so excited to continue to connect our community and visitors to this beautiful place I call home.

Keep on the lookout for upcoming new adventures and events, and as always-

Paddle On!


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