The “Party Barge” is here

megaThere is definetely something different about standing up on the water; that’s what makes paddle boarding different than kayaking or canoeing. The perspective is completely different. You aren’t constrained. More freedom of movement. You’re more connected with the water and the things around you. It’s just you out there; peace, serenity, silence.  This is what has made SUP so popular.

Then along came the “Party Barge”, our 15′ Isle Megalodon giant paddle board made for up to 8 people. It’s like releasing the Kraken. It’s a big wild beast. No longer is it just you out there in control of your own fate. Nope. Now you have a half-dozen other people relying on you; or not. Maybe you’re the type to just sit on top of the cooler and partake in the refreshments while all the others paddle. That’s okay I guess, as long as the others don’t toss you overboard. Or maybe you’re the one calling out the old viking paddling chants to try to keep the paddling synced while the rest of the gang goofs off. It’s all good. Anything flies on the “Party Barge”.

No matter who you are, the only thing that is guaranteed is that you’re going to have a blast on the Big Board. It’s a completely new SUP experience and it’s a blast no doubt about it. If you’re an experienced paddle boarder who thinks you’ve done all things SUP, think again. You should totally get your crew together and try out the “Party Barge”. It makes any day a better day.

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